My daily softwares

I like to collect many kind of softwares and compare among them. Until now, here are my softwares list:

1. I like to design a web, I use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.

2. When dealing with pictures or photos, I can count on my Adobe Photoshop CS3.

3. I use Mozilla Firefox 2.0 when browsing on net

4. Internet Download Manager 5.0 for downloading

5. Make a screenshoot with FastStone Capture 6.0

6. I learn Macromedia Flash 9 sometimes

7. I burned my CD with alcohol 120%

8. My AVG Free edition for virus and Spybot for Malware and Spyware

9. Another softwares : Irfanview 4.10, Whitesmoke 2008 executive, Startup monitor, google desktop, Appserv 2.5.9


Creating a restore point is like saving a game data.

I tell you something that might be help you when you work on your pc. I have used this feature for a long time. It called “restore point”. To make a restore point is similar to saving a game. When playing game, whenever your hero get killed or your ship has shut, simply click the option button and search for a magic word named load game (you must save your game first of course!). In computer there is also a magic word name restore points. When your pc crash or you lose some of your data due to virus and trojan, you should try to go back to a restore point which you have set before. I always set a restore point, because I like to install and uninstall some new softwares. Whenever the pc crash because the software I installed, and uninstalling the software doesn’t repair the crash, another way I could try is turning the restore point back.


Turn the restore point back is like loading a saved game, therefore I must save a game or make a restore point first. To make a restore point, go to start, all programs, accessories, system tools and system restore. If you never make a restore point, so there is only one option, which is “create a restore point”.Choose that option by clicking next. After that I will asked to make a restore point description. I like to type description depend on what occasion I made the restore point. When I make restore point before installing a software, I just type the software name. Choose create to finish make a restore point.


When something goes wrong with your pc, just repeat the step above and another choice, “restore my computer to an earlier time” will be shown. All you have to do is just choose it and click next and all your computer settings are turning back at the time you set the restore point.

Time to have some changes

I use internet explorer until few months ago, a friend of mine tell me that i should use firefox from Mozilla rather than internet explorer from Microsoft. At first I don’t think it use much, as I can browse anything on net with IE. However, I give a try using firefox from Mozilla though. I download it first from here, and install the browser into my computer. After few weeks later, I assume Firefox is better than IE.

These are the differences I notice:

1. Firefox opens the browser quicker than IE

2. Firefox has an “add on”, which allow you embed some application into the browser, ex: google browser, internet download manager integration module, etc

3. The most important reason, I’m bored with IE, with its logo and style, I have already used it for ages! I believe it’s good to have some changes.

4. Some web doesn’t open with IE but open with firefox well.

5. Moreover, you can still have your IE together with firefox. They don’t conflict each other.

This is step to have Firefox Mozilla browser on your pc :

1. Download Firefox from here

2. Close all your IE browser

3. Double click on the downloaded file, and follow the instruction.

4. Click The Firefox icon to open the browser.


One day I worked with my pc, the windows started very slow. When I checked, there was a lot of changing on the registry.

Two thumbs up for this great guy, Mike Lin, who has developed a handy and small programme, which monitor my registry from changing by another third party or the computer itself. I have used this programme for a year, and I still use it now. Another great thing is this programme could detect changes even by microsoft itself, so it won’t let anything include microsoft to hook on my registry.

You can get the startup monitor from Mike Lin’s homepage and download the startup monitor.

Unrar and double click on downloaded file, follow the instruction for instalation.

startup monitor

startup instalation

After completing installation, there would be a computer icon on desktop named startup. Open this icon make a small window appeared, and from here you can also set which programme and registry you wish to run at startup and which ones don’t. Furthermore, also a small window will show whenever a registry has been trying to be installed or deleted.


I think it is a very good software, everyone else should use it.

My advice to let your pc stay out from trouble:

1. Install only licensed softwares. Pirated software couldn’t updated so your computer will leave in pre-hystorical era. It won’t recognise some millennium era viruses and spywares. A licensed free software is better than an unlicensed one, so try to look or download a free software not a trial or cracked one.

2. Don’t download programs or anything for website you don’t trust. Consider not to trust a website when:

– The site is referred to you through an e-mail from someone you don’t know (called spam)

– The site has an illegal or a pornographic content and materials.

3. Beware unknown email. Pay attention to unknown email sender, freak text or anything suspicious. Don’t open files attached to this email.

4. Use online support resources on internet. Search for FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) or type your keyword on search engine.

Hope it will help πŸ™‚


Basic computer shortcuts (some of them just for windows)

Shortcuts are good feature when use in computer works. They can speed up or even help you in your daily work on computer.Some of the shortcuts below are my favourite, I always use them. One of them is Ctrl A, Ctrl C and Ctrl V. I always use them every time . The others are Alt Tab, Ctrl Alt Del, F5 and Ctrl X. You can see the others of shortcuts below, and I suggest you should start using them.

Ctrl A = Select all text

Ctrl C = Copy selected item

Ctrl V = Paste selected item

Ctrl X = Cut selected item

Ctrl Home = Move to beginning of any document

Ctrl End = Move to end of any document

Ctrl left arrow = Move one word to the left

Ctrl right arrow = Move one word to the right

Ctrl Esc = Start menu

Ctrl Alt Del = Windows task manager

Ctrl F4 = Close window on current programme

Ctrl +/- = Change text/column size

Alt E = Edit option in any programme

Alt F = File menu option in any programme

Alt F4 = Close current programme

Alt Tab = Switch between open applications

Alt Shift Tab = Switch backwards between open applications

Alt Enter = Open properties window on selected item

Shift Ins = Paste

Shift Home = Move to beginning of line of current document

Shift End = Move to end of line of current document

Shift Del = Delete file/s without stored in recycle bin

Shift F10 = Mouse right click on selected icon

Home = Move to beginning of current line

End = Move to end of current line

F1 = Universal help

F2 = Rename selected icon

F3 = Start search/find window

F4 = Open drive selection

F5 = Refresh

The most problem

Your computer is overheating. So check the fan at the back, is it work well or not. If it is broken you should buy a new one. Or if the fan is work, you may clean your computer or you should move the position from under your table for more air circulation.

Another Good Free Software

Another sidebar for desktop from google, I can choose many gadgets and it’s uploading everyday. And It’s FREE !!! I have strange clock, calendar, pictures slider, hardware status, power supply.

You cant get it from here, just install and the sidebar automatically show on your desktop

Choose your desire gadget by clicking small add on the top.

Hope your desktop will looks better πŸ™‚

This is Windows XP not Vista !!

Windows vista has nicer desktop than xp, because it has more additional features. One of them is sidebar.You can see what time from the sidebar because it has a clock on it. It also can show how much space left on your hard disc, how much power does your notebook has, etc. And more fascinating thing is you can add or remove the tools on your sidebar.
You can put just clock and image slideshow on your sidebar or add it with memo pad or hard disc info or even city weather and your notebook temperature πŸ™‚

You can get sidebar from many source from internet. One of them is from thoosje sidebar. It is free. Download and install it, and you can choose what gadget do you want to show on your desktop.

I have my own sidebar too. It usefull especially to remember me what time is it πŸ™‚ since it has a big clock

“I saw that since i was born”

Everyday on my life, every time I turn on my computer, I always see a black screen with windows xp logo on it. That black screen calls bootscreen. I have seen it for ages and last year, I got bored. I can easily change my background and screensever, but can I change my bootscreen, in an easy way?
Yes you can. Below you can see some edit boot screen pictures.

Here explanation how to change a boot screen step by step

1. You will need a small programme called bootskin. Go to and download latest version of bootskin ( bootskin 1.03). It’s a small programme, less than 1mb, so it’ll need no time to download it.

2. Double click on the downloaded program, run the installation.

3. Tick on launch skinboot, and a new window will be appeared.

4. Just simply choose which skin you like and click apply, then restart your computer. The boot screen will change automatically.

5. Note the skin choice is not much, so you must download it yourself. You can try or you can use a search engine. Type download bootskin or anything you see fit. Pay attention on file extension, it should be .bootskin file otherwise it won’t show on the window πŸ™‚

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